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2′ Gauge Steam Locomotives

We have on offer a variety of 2′ (610mm) steam locomotives ranging from the highly sophisticated modern 2-6-0 (top left) to basic 0-4-0 and 0-4-2 types shown below, all of our own design. Boilers are constructed to EU or ASME standards as appropriate. The 0-4-0 or 0-4-2 design is similar to the smaller Orenstein & Koppel or British “quarry” tank engines of 4- 5 tons and can be easily adapted to give any desired outline such as the O & K well tank, Hunslet saddle tank or even a baby American “switcher”. All locomotives are built to high standards and we believe offer excellent value for money. We can also design to specific requirements if requested including other gauges and we produce a 0-6-0 diesel mechanical loco for gauges from 500 -750mm (top right).

Spares and other Parts

Apart from those items listed below we can often help with hard to find equipment or reproduction parts. We can also supply certain sizes of flooding injectors (right).

Mechanical Lubrication Equipment

Two and four feed lubricators (left) and high pressure terminal check valves (right). Other items such as ball check valves and atomisers etc can be supplied on request

Oil burning equipment

Supplied for almost any application. We normally offer a package, consisting of the equipment shown comprising burner, control valve etc, plus design and drawings of the firepan, pipework schematics and instructions for on site construction.

Rolling Stock Tyres, Brake Spares, Rail

Tyres are supplied to international standards finish machined all over with only final boring required for the shrink fit. Vacuum brake spares (rolling rings, joint rings, hoses etc) and new rail and track parts are available at competetive prices.

Design and Consultancy.

Our speciality is the improvement and modernisation of existing locomotives and the double Lempor exhaust system (left) is for a project that is currently in progress.

South African Railways Numberplates and Whistles

We manufacture faithful replicas of South African Railways numberplates and chime whistles.

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